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A New Social Contract

Between wealth and resilience

HSBC Private Banking is pleased to introduce a special series on A New Social Contract. Researched and written by The Economist Intelligence Unit, these two reports explore two important means by which private investors can contribute actively to a sustainable post-pandemic recovery: impact investing and philanthropy.

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Read the report: Crisis Philanthropy Forging a new social contract

As global wealth reaches new heights, philanthropists are facing increasing pressure to give more in their lifetime, and in a transparent way. While many have engaged actively in charitable giving, to what extent are they focusing on reducing fractures in society, as opposed to isolated projects and initiatives? This report, written by The Economist Intelligence Unit and drawing from experts across three continents, looks at how the current pandemic provides an opportunity to create a new social contract between philanthropists and civil society stakeholders.

Read the report: Impact investing and the road to recovery

Impact investing and sustainable finance have reached a potentially transformational moment. As the world gets to grips with the wide-ranging effects of the ongoing pandemic, there is a vital role to play for the growing number of experienced investors seeking to invest constructively and with purpose. In this report we explore the current state of sustainable finance and look at how this asset class, which ranges from green and social bonds to microfinance and impact funds will become increasingly relevant for experienced investors' strategies in the post-Covid environment.

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