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Using your HSBC UK card outside the UK

Compare your card exchange rates to European Central Bank rules when using your HSBC UK card in the European Economic Area..

Using your HSBC UK card outside the UK

When you are using a card while traveling in Europe, you are currently offered the option to pay in local currency or pound sterling. If you choose to pay in the local currency, HSBC will convert the amount of the transaction using the daily card exchange rate. If you decide to pay in pound sterling, currency conversion will be done on the spot in exchange for a fee.

When you are offered currency conversion services, the merchant should disclose the total charges for dynamic currency conversion, including any fixed fees they will apply, as a percentage mark up over the latest available Foreign Exchange Rate(s) issued by the European Central Bank (ECB). This means you will be able to compare the cost of paying in pounds to what HSBC would charge. If you choose to pay in the local currency we will perform a currency conversion.

To help our clients view the difference between the daily ECB rate and the total cost you would be charged for using your card abroad, we  have created a table that provides you with full information about the costs of using your debit or credit card outside the UK.

To view the table and for more information about the fees you will be charged for using your card abroad and the scenarios in which fees would apply please consult

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