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Read the article: What does impact mean to you?

Wealthy families are having new conversations about how they can leverage not just their philanthropic endeavours, but also their investments and their business activities to create a better world.

Read the article: Why your family enterprise needs an exit plan – for business and for family

While it might seem counterintuitive to build in mechanisms that anticipate the sale of your family business or the departure of a family member, doing so can ultimately aid the continuity of your family’s wealth.

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Read the article: How can technology be a force for good?

The global pandemic has been a catalyst for change, driving a fundamental shift in the way we use technology. This digital revolution has the potential to address some of the most pressing issues of our time.

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Read the article: Seamless and secure: digitalising your family office

The pandemic has sped up the use of digital tools for working and communicating, but information security must remain at the forefront when family offices choose to use new technologies.

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Read the article: What does sustainability mean for your family business?

By weaving responsible business practices into their purpose, values and corporate DNA, family businesses will maintain their competitive edge well into the future.

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Read the article: Measurement matters: assessing your philanthropic impact

Developing a clear sense of what you want to achieve with your philanthropy – and why – will help to guide your strategy and determine what progress looks like.

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Read the article: How sustainable are my investments?

Movements towards measurement, reporting and transparency are making it easier for investors to assess environmental, social and governance factors.

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Read the article: What the video game industry can teach us about agility

No longer a niche market, the video gaming world offers useful lessons for entrepreneurs and other business leaders with big ambitions.

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Read the article: Putting the pieces together: wealth planning for international families

Families with complex cross-border financial and non-financial affairs will benefit from a joined-up plan that supports their long-term needs and ambitions.

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Read the article: Unblocking the roads to smooth succession

Both younger and senior generations may face obstacles that require guidance, support and tools to overcome.

Looking up view of a building
Read the article: Looking up view of a building

To mark International Women’s Day, we reflect on how, despite facing multiple obstacles, women are becoming the largest group of wealth owners on the planet.

Portrait of Ndaba Mandela
Read the article: The Real Mandela Effect: 5 Leadership Lessons from Ndaba Mandela

Nelson Mandela was many things: social rights activist, politician, philanthropist. But to Ndaba, first and foremost he was a grandfather. We spoke with Ndaba Mandela to discover what he learned from spending 20 years living with a legendary leader.

Read the article: Globally connected and part of something bigger

Making sure we're connected is more important than ever, and there are signs that passionate, resilient and ambitious citizens of the world are still focused on finding solutions to our biggest challenges.

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Read the article: Beyond borders: Family offices for globally connected families

We explore some of the ways a family office can help meet the multiple and complex needs of an international family.

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Read the article: Making your investments matter: The powerful potential of philanthropic collaboration

From information sharing to pooling funding and participating in complex networks, donor-to-donor collaboration can pave the way for strategic action and greater impact.

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Read the article: Modern philanthropy: James Chen's moonshot journey

James Chen believes today's philanthropists are in a unique position to take risks, and to use their capital to achieve real social change.

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Read the article: Owner? Director? Manager? Employee? Defining roles in your family business

As your family business grows, the boundaries between business and family roles may blur. Clarity on relationships, rights and responsibilities is essential to business longevity and will help to make the most of the experience, knowledge and skills within your family.

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Read the article: As your wealth evolves, so too will your family office

Family offices are as unique as the families that set them up, and their form and function change in line with the growth of a family and its wealth.

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Read the article: Has Covid-19 changed our willingness to take risks?

It would be easy to assume investors have become more risk-averse during the coronavirus crisis, but lessons from 2008 and a longer-term view have some seeking out opportunities.

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Read the article: Creating a lasting legacy: how a crisis can help us focus on what really matters

During the coronavirus crisis, we’ve had something unexpected – time – to take stock and reflect on whether we should start doing things a little differently.

Read the article: Harmony, resilience, unity: navigating conflict in the family business

Understanding how disagreements might develop, and how to prevent them from escalating, will help your family mitigate conflict.

Read the article: Financial stability in an ageing world

In the middle of a dramatic demographic shift, what challenges and opportunities does an ageing global population present?

Read the article: Planning for peace of mind: your family office, your legacy, your future

Aproperly organised family office designed with the family in mind can preserve your family's mission, vision and values, and help your wealth endure across generations.

Vertical view of a glass facade of a modern building
Read the article: Making an impact for a more sustainable future

How philanthropy and impact investing complement each other in a wealth management strategy.

Read the article: How radical creativity will unlock the future

The best way to invent tomorrow is by treating innovation as a biological process, not an ownable thing.

Watch an exclusive Masterclass with Nadja Swarovski

We invite you to watch the replay of our exclusive webinar with inspirational businesswoman and philanthropist, Nadja Swarovski to hear Nadja's path to finding her purpose and discuss how she is making a positive impact on the world.

Read the article: Acknowledging uncertainty to empower decision-making

We may pursue certainty in all things, but neuroscience reveals the limits of knowing

Read the article: Carving your own path after taking on the family business

How can the second generation (or beyond) balance the expectations of their family with the desire to pursue personal passions and leave their own mark?

Read the article: Embracing technology and digitisation in the family business

Requirements to change often spark discussions about governance, strategy and succession – difficult conversations, but also highly productive.

Read the article: Surprising sources of innovation and inspiration

How embracing a more diverse set of perspectives can be the catalyst for incremental or revolutionary change.

Read the article: Behind the scenes of the family business

Navigating the complexity of a family business is no easy task. As we all adapt to the 'new normal' and prioritise the things that matter most to us, robust succession planning will give you peace of mind.

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