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Our disciplined approach

Whether you prefer a discretionary portfolio or more participation in your investments, we always follow a rigorous process to help define and implement your investment strategy.

Our disciplined approach

Our Investment Management Approach

  1. Understanding you: Diligent profiling to truly understand your risk tolerance, your investment needs and objectives as well as your personal circumstances
  2. Strategic Asset Allocation: Your strategic, long-term asset allocation is designed on the basis of your risk profile. 
  3. Portfolio construction: Our open architecture allows us to fulfil your portfolio using a range of HSBC and third-party managers and investment vehicles.
  4. Portfolio monitoring: Regular analysis of risk levels, concentration and liquidity as well as notification of changes to recommended investments according your choice on how you wish the Bank to engage with you.
  5. Regular portfolio review: Detailed analyses of your portfolio and performance leading to potential adjustments of defined asset allocation and fulfilment choices.


Donut ring chart showing the investment management approach: 1 Understand you, 2 Strategic Asset Allocation, 3 Portfolio construction, 4 Portfolio monitoring, 5 Regular portfolio review
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