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Women and Wealth

Mastering your plan and doing it all

Women lead truly busy lives – managing their careers, caring for their children, family and household, taking care of aging parents – and often, doing all of this at the same time. We help women address the unique concerns they face as they balance these responsibilities with managing their wealth and finances.

Women are the future

Women are quickly becoming the largest group of wealth owners on the planet. With the coming USD68 trillion in wealth transfer over the next 20 years, it's anticipated that women will soon control more than half of the world's wealth. We also know that despite the incredible financial achievements of many women in recent years – with women now as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, Heads of State, and founders of some of the world's most important companies – women face specific financial challenges: the wealth gap between women and men endures; women have less access to private capital; are more likely to take time off from careers during prime earning years; and in general, earn less money than men over the course of their lives. At the same time, women tend to outlive men – meaning women have to make their wealth last longer.

Wealth management advice for you

Let's face it – women lead truly busy lives, running careers, acting as primary caregiver for their children, family and household, taking care of aging parents – and often, doing all of the above. So as a woman, it's crucial to have a team of advisors to help master your financial plan, while you continue to 'do it all.'
But the fact remains that the wealth management industry does not successfully serve its female clients: we know that within a year of their spouse's death, nearly two-thirds of women change financial advisors.

It's not about "pinkwashing"

Assumptions about women being risk-averse may be based on antiquated stereotypes; the truth is that "women" are an incredibly diverse group of people, and demand advisor relationships that are tailored to their busy schedules and multi-dimensional lives. Women need best-in-class advice, but not necessarily new banking products that have been 'pinkwashed' for women.
Further, many women desire a personal connection with their financial advisor, and look for someone with whom they share a personal connection, who takes the time to understand their unique goals and objectives, and who thinks holistically about wealth management, not just about immediate short-term gains.

This is why HSBC Global Private Banking has created our new series, 'Women and Wealth: Mastering your plan while doing it all.'

We acknowledge these complexities and seek to provide women with individualized service and a personal touch.

Whether you are just getting started and are seeking to gain an understanding of key concepts, or you are ready to engage a partner who can provide you with sophisticated advice based on your risk tolerance, need for income, and tax efficiency, our team of professionals can assist. 

Resources designed for you

We invite you to explore the resources we have collected below, and hope you'll take the time to listen directly to senior women at HSBC Global Private Banking as they share their insights on these important topics.

Spearheaded by our Women's Committee in the US, comprised of women at all levels across our US business, this work aims to engage wealthy women in conversation around how to approach the myriad challenges of managing significant wealth. You can also download an overview of the program: "Women and Wealth overview" (524 KB, PDF).

Women making a difference: a conversation with Mona Sinha Watch the video: Women making a difference: a conversation with Mona Sinha

Women are uniquely positioned to make a difference in the world – with their time, money and distinct perspectives. Watch our fireside chat with Mona Sinha, Board Chair of ERA Fund for Women’s Equality and Women Moving Millions, on the importance of philanthropy in the world. Mona shares her fascinating story, including her journey from India to the US, and from working in banking to focusing on philanthropy. 

It's about using your talents. It's about investing your time. It's about connecting people, which we all do, like we're doing today. And it's about amplifying a cause which you believe in very strongly.

Women & Wealth: Mastering your plan

Some studies anticipate that over the next 20 years, women will come to control more than half of the world’s wealth. With this in mind, listen to a dynamic panel discussion focusing on the unique concerns and considerations faced by women as they take on wealth management, strategic estate planning, investing, and planning for the future.

Moderated by:

Carly Doshi, Head of Philanthropy, Family Governance, & Family Office Advisory for HSBC Private Banking in the Americas.
• Caroline Kitidis, Regional Head of Ultra High Net Worth, EMEA and US, HSBC Private Banking
• Meggie Palmer, Founder, PepTalkHer;
• Kirby Rosplock, Ph.D., Founder, Tamarind Partners

Women and Wealth: Doing it all – Series of podcasts


Leader, role model, catalyst for change. Karen Blackett OBE talks candidly with Sam Arabiat, one of our Senior Relationship Managers, about work/life blend over work/life balance, her challenges as a woman of color, why diversity is good for growth, and why superheroes are stronger as a team.


We are pleased to be joined by two incredible entrepreneurs – Mariana Costa and Regina Acher, co-founders of Laboratoria, a social enterprise developed to offer young women from low income backgrounds a career in tech and the chance to transform their future. Hear about what inspired them to advance the careers of other women.


In this episode of season two of Women and Wealth, Doing It All, we are joined by special guest, entrepreneur, investor, Emmy-nominated tech media personality and budding golfer, Randi Zuckerberg.


Having worked for NASA and Bloomberg TV before turning her hand, very successfully, to entrepreneurism, it's fair to say that Mia Saini Duchnowski has had an extremely impressive career. 


Elizabeth von Habsburg, Managing Director of Winston Art Group, joins Irene Blumberg, US Head of Insurance for HSBC Global Private Banking, to discuss her illustrious career in the world of art.


In the second season of our Women and Wealth podcast, host Carly Doshi is joined by serial entrepreneur, coach and mentor Debbie Wosskow


With Yasmina Odjo, Managing Director and Senior Relationship Manager


With Jessie Zhu, Managing Director, Head of Investment Products & Advisory, and Shelly Wong, SVP and Senior Investment Counsellor


With Jan Wysocki, Managing Director and Senior Relationship Manager

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