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Beyond Business Ownership

Beyond Business Ownership Webinar Series

For each and every business owner, the question of transition is one of when rather than if. As with any change, being properly prepared can help to increase the chances of success and reduce the stress and challenges posed by the unknown. In our new series of webinars you will hear leading specialists across the private wealth space share their thoughts and experiences to help make you feel more prepared for the next stage in your life.


Some business owners have a clear view of what they want to achieve with their philanthropy after a business exit, yet for others it’s a completely new and exciting challenge. In our final Beyond Business Ownership webinar, we examine the why, what and how of philanthropy, and share ideas on how you can harness your passions and motivations in a philanthropic direction of your choosing.

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In our eighth webinar of the Beyond Business Ownership series we discuss the topic of ‘planning your personal future’. With inspirational insights from our panel of experts, we cover why you should think ahead to life after a sale, how to find where your passion you can share your unique knowledge with the next generation of entrepreneurs. From Angel Investing to Trusteeships, our webinar gives you scope to plan your future self and set yourself up for a rewarding next chapter.

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Our 7th webinar in the Beyond Business Ownership series is on the topic of establishing a family office. Our panel of experts discuss what a family office is, why you might need one and what some of the considerations are in setting one up. 

Managing family wealth comes with challenges and our experts will demonstrate that having a structured family office with a clear remit can mitigate risks and have clear benefits for the whole family.


Completing the sale of your business is an exciting moment in a business owner’s journey. In our sixth webinar of the Beyond Business Ownership series, we explore the topic of post-sale planning and investing. The range of topics covered include: How do you articulate a vision and goals for your wealth post-exit? How can your advisers help you pre and post-sale? Why should you consider both the rational and emotional sides of the sale and how to manage both sides harmoniously?


Passing on a business within a family can enhance an existing legacy (or create a new one). However, if managed incorrectly, it can undo a lifetime’s (or even generations of) achievement. In this fifth webinar of the Beyond Business Ownership series, our expert panel tackles this emotive subject. The breadth of topics covered include: how soon should you involve the next generation in your business? When is it appropriate to bring in external management? Have you considered the culture of the business and how it might change? What direction will the next generation seek to take the business? What steps should you consider for a smooth transition?


Selling to people you know can be more complex than you think. So in the fourth webinar from our Beyond Business Ownership series, ‘selling to management or employees’, our panel of experts shed some light on the most common issues arising with in-house exits, as well as sharing their knowledge on the types of businesses suitable for Management Buyouts (MBO) and Employee Ownership Trusts (EOT) and practicalities around the exit processes.


If you’re contemplating selling your business, there are a number of exit routes and options available to you, but each has its own profile and requirements. In this session, Russell Prior, Managing Director, Regional Head of Family Governance, Family Office Advisory & Philanthropy, EMEA is joined by an expert panel to explore the process and practicalities of exiting to Private Equity.


A clear business exit strategy is vital to a successful sale and should include careful consideration of the personal tax and legal consequences of a sale, the immediate implications of a sale, and the longer term possibilities for the wealth released following a business exit.


Russell Prior, Managing Director, Regional Head of Family Governance, Family Office Advisory & Philanthropy, EMEA, takes a look at the issues surrounding preparing your business, and yourself, for a business ownership transition. He is joined by expert speakers Jacques Callaghan, Head of Mid-Market M&A at HSBC UK, Greg Limb, Partner at KPMG, John Barnett, Partner at law firm Burges Salmon and Andra Ilie, Senior Wealth Planning Advisor at HSBC Private Banking.

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