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Beyond Business Ownership

Beyond Business Ownership Series

For every business owner, the question of transition is one of when rather than if. Being properly prepared can help increase the chances of success and reduce the stress caused by the unknown. In this special Beyond Business Ownership series steered by Russell Prior, Managing Director and Regional Head of Family Governance, Family Office Advisory & Philanthropy, HSBC Private Banking in EMEA, and Andra Ilie, Senior Adviser, Family Governance, Family Office Advisory & Philanthropy, HSBC Private Banking in EMEA, you will hear leading specialists deliver insights across key topics:

  1. Is Timing Everything?How to think about the timing of your business exit and what you can do to mitigate timing risk.
  2. How to Value Your Business: We explore where to start when valuing a business and ways to secure an optimal outcome.
  3. The Buyer Universe: Who might the likely buyers of your business be and what type of buyer is right for you?
  4. Business Transition to the Next Generation: The why, how and when of involving your successors in your business sale.

Is Timing Everything?

HSBC specialists engage experts from Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, KPMG LLP, Burges Salmon LLP, Deloitte Private and HSBC in a conversation on what business owners can and cannot control in the timing of a business sale. You can also watch selected chapters of interest from the video in our dedicated hub.

Video duration: 30:38 minutes

Is Timing Everything?

Timing is crucial when it comes to selling your business. With the help of our experts, in this session we explore how long it takes to prepare an exit strategy and what you can do to mitigate timing risk. Discover how to navigate impactful macro conditions, assess critical time-linked aspects, prepare for risks and the importance of resilience.

How to Value your Business

An accurate valuation is pivotal to every successful business sale. It requires a precise calculation of your company’s strengths, weaknesses and growth prospects, and a careful calibration of industry trends, market dynamics, and capital cost. But where should you start? Our experts guide you towards an optimal outcome.

The Buyer Universe

Finding the right buyers for your business can be challenging - from competitors looking to acquire your business to gain market share, to private equity firms looking to improve your business performance and sell it later for a higher value. Our experts explore the key steps to securing a sale that aligns with your personal and business goals.

Business Transition to the  Next Generation

Passing a business to the next generation is about more than just profit – it’s about preserving a legacy. There can be advantages, like stability and safeguarding next generation career prospects. But there could be challenges too, including capital constraints and family discord. Our experts help you shape a solid succession plan.

If you want to speak to someone about business exit issues or transition, you can get in touch