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Managing your Family’s Wealth

The challenge of managing family wealth never stops. For years you’ve focused on your business, now is the time to focus on your family’s future, wealth and well-being. We can help you realise the philosophy for your wealth, your goals and objectives.

Your family’s wealth encompasses so much more than your financial capital.

It needs to take account of your family, not you alone. And your capital is represented by more than just your finances, it also covers you and your family’s human and social capital.

We understand that your wealth isn’t measured purely by its monetary value. It should reflect and be measured by the influence that it can have in your lifetime, in terms of your legacy, the lessons it teaches those close to you and even the social impact created by your philanthropy.

We meet and work with families at many life stages, who have acquired their wealth in a variety of ways. They have individual values and attitudes to it, and different intentions and objectives for it. Yet our experience tells us that they face with questions regarding the following:

  • The point and purpose, or philosophy, for their wealth.
  • The wealth goals and objectives they set at different stages in their lives.
  • The approach they take to managing of their wealth.
Life becomes meaningful with purpose. Let your wealth philosophy bring purpose to your wealth.

These aren’t simple questions to answer. So we aim to challenge the inertia or narrow preconceptions to enable you to take a richer and more considered view. You’ll find that the challenges of managing your own and your family’s wealth never stop, with the arrival of each generation renewing the cycle and passing on the responsibility.

We work with multi-generational families all over the world, helping them to grow, manage, preserve and pass on their wealth effectively. And we help the next generation too. So we can help you realise the philosophy for your wealth, your goals and your objectives. We do this across family governance and wealth succession, wealth structuring, investment management and passing on wealth, and working with future generations to secure your legacy.

We can help you find the solutions to a broad range of wealth planning needs, including the provision of appropriate structures that may include trusts, insurance arrangements, foundations and corporate structures. Our presence in multiple jurisdictions helps us to deliver solutions that can be tailored to your specific requirements as well as meeting the needs of international families.

Please contact us to receive The Guide to Managing your Family’s Wealth and to learn more about the ways we can support you in managing your wealth.

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