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Trusted by generations for generations

For 75 years, HSBC Trustee has been your partner in sustaining your family wealth and legacy.

Established in 1946, HSBC Trustee celebrates its 75th anniversary in Asia this year. We have been there from the beginning, walking side-by-side with our clients and their families to help them preserve their family wealth for future generations. To commemorate this significant milestone, we have invited our clients and the HSBC team to take part in the celebration. Looking beyond, we are committed to building a sustainable future for our clients, colleagues and communities we serve. 

Discover our latest insights and inspiring client stories that highlight how we protect and preserve your wealth across generations and geographies. 

Our Vision

HSBC Trustee 75th anniversary Watch the video: HSBC Trustee 75th anniversary
HSBC Trustee has been a partner in helping families around the world preserve their wealth and legacy for 75 years. HSBC’s senior executives share how our journey with clients is evolving to meet their sophisticated needs in the years to come.



Established in 1946, HSBC Trustee has been working with families around the world for 75 years to build bridges across generations of wealth.

  Peter Wong    Chairman, The Hongkong and Shanghai
    Banking Corporation Limited 

Our Clients

Ruttonjee-Shroff Family in home office
Read the article: Flourishing through generations

The Ruttonjee-Shroff family have a long and fascinating history in Hong Kong. They share how they have worked with HSBC and sustained their legacy for over 130 years.

Ruttonjee-Shroff Family
Read the article: Continuing a family tradition of giving

Philanthropy is a proud family tradition for the Ruttonjee-Shroff family, a tribute to the success with which the family has passed down its philosophy of not just creating wealth but also giving back to the community. 

Lau family
Read the article: Family above all else

The Lau family shares their thoughts on the key to balancing personal passion with family duty. By placing education as a priority and honouring family values, the family continues to bring new energy into the family business for future generations.

Lau family
Read the article: Nurturing family harmony

How do you maintain unity and harmony in a big family? The Lau family shows how the trust works as an umbrella, protecting the family and binding family members closer together.

Our Latest Insights

Blue sky building perspectives
Read the article: A new world: turning plans into action

Displaced by the global pandemic, families are faced with new ways of living, working and a more imminent realisation of the need to take action on succession planning to secure their legacy.

Grass Flower buds
Read the article: ESG and philanthropy: meeting the needs of the present and future

From constructed wetlands in China and coral reefs in Hong Kong to solar powered hospitals in Sri Lanka, philanthropists are embracing ESG for a sustainable future. 

Chess board
Read the article: Family business: going from dining table to board room table

Family or business first? The global pandemic challenged many Asian families, encouraging them to review their plans and consider professionalising the way they manage the intertwined family business, relationships and legacy.

Birds over sunset
Read the article: Understanding the family dynamics across generations

Looking beyond the “third generation trap” we explore the nuanced and unique relationships between grandparents and grandchildren and the impact this has on modern wealth transitions in Asian families. 

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