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Real estate

We research, select and deliver landmark real estate opportunities globally.

Our key strengths in real estate investing

We work in partnership with you to help ensure that you get the best possible return from your investment and have access to opportunities that are ideally suited to your investment goals.

Partner and consultant

We take a consultative, partnership-driven approach to help ensure that you have access to what we believe to be best-in-class real estate investment opportunities globally. These opportunities include commercial real estate in global gateway cities, niche hard assets and diversified fund opportunities delivered by carefully selected sector experts.

Research and asset acquisition

Our comprehensive macro, strategic and tactical analysis allows us to identify motivated sellers, and mispriced ‘on’ and ‘off-market’ assets in target locations.

Asset manager partnerships

By identifying and partnering with local asset managers in target regions, we can often uncover compelling opportunities in highly restrictive and segmented markets.

Strong structuring capability

You benefit from our strong structuring capability which seeks to maximise asset efficiency and investment return potential with a broad and comprehensive range of support services.

Real estate investment philosophy

We believe that inefficiencies exist in opaque and illiquid real estate markets, and using local networks and asset managers can help to uncover compelling and mispriced investment opportunities. As mispricing is both capital and income related, this creates an opportunity for enhanced returns and low volatility which – coupled with creative deal sourcing, intelligent structuring and management – can unlock and maximise hidden value potential.

Real estate client solutions

Our real estate solutions have been developed to suit different client needs as well as differing levels of client involvement.

  • Funds: an attractive way of accessing a diversified pool of professionally managed real estate assets, either domestically or internationally, with potential for yield and capital growth.
  • Club deals and Co-investments: offer access to institutional grade commercial real estate, in syndicated structure, with the potential to deliver solid returns.
  • Segregated mandates: sourcing, structuring and building a fully flexible, diversified and bespoke real estate portfolio.
The potential return on your investment can benefit from our strength in structuring, and we’re always looking for ways to make your assets more efficient.
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  • Alternative investments may not be suitable for all clients
  • The investment is subject to normal market fluctuations and there can be no assurance that an investment will return its value or that appreciation will occur
  • Funds with a single sector focus (such as real estate) will typically be more volatile than funds which invest broadly across markets
  • Assets denominated in a foreign currency are subject to adverse movements if the relative value of that currency falls. Currency movements may also impact the value of underlying investments as they strongly influence the market economy and the competitiveness of domestic and international companies
  • There are special risks associated with investing in the securities of companies principally engaged in the real estate industry. These risks include: the cyclical nature of real estate values, risks related to general and local economic conditions, changes in regulation and tax systems, and other real estate capital market influences
  • If the chosen implementation is a concentrated fund which is unconstrained by benchmark weightings, the fund’s performance can diverge significantly from any relevant index. For syndicated club deals there is no liquidity once the investment is made: the investment is locked in for the life of the company
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