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Next Generation 2023 Singapore Speaker Highlights

Next Generation 2023 Singapore

We’re pleased to share insightful snapshots from our esteemed speakers from the Next Generation 2023 Singapore event. With their first-hand experiences, they share their exciting, sometimes challenging, world of family business management, the art of smooth succession, and the balancing act of aligning personal aspirations with business objectives. These narratives, are set to inspire those stepping into the arena of family-run enterprises, equipping them with the tools to seamlessly blend tradition with new visions.

Our speakers come from diverse backgrounds and industries, but they all share one common thread - their passion for family businesses. Through their stories, they cover succession and managing to blend personal goals with those of the business.

Watch some of our speakers from the HSBC Global Private Banking, Next Generation event, Annabel Spring, Dan Vahdat and Danny Yeung. They talk us through their everyday routines, working within their family business and finally as an entrepreneur.

Arthur Lam, Sharon Kobler and Nicholas Ho describe life as entrepreneurs and how they got there. They talk us through their opinions on what attributes and goals you need to be able to succeed as a successful entrepreneur for the long term as both an individual, but also how to manage this when part of a family business.

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