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Privacy Notice

for HSBC Trustee (C.I.) Limited – Trust & Fiduciary Services

Before we begin

This notice (Privacy Notice) applies to personal information held by members of the HSBC Group as data controllers, as described below. It explains what information we collect about you, how we’ll use that information, who we’ll share it with, the circumstances when we’ll share it and what steps we’ll take to make sure it stays private and secure. It continues to apply even if your agreement for banking or other products and services with us ends. It should also be read alongside the terms and conditions for any services provided by us, as these may include sections relating to the use and disclosure of information.

This Privacy Notice covers any products or services you have with us, including trust and company administration services. Sometimes we may need to provide you with separate or further information about specific products and services. This will also apply if you have a relationship with other parts of the HSBC Group (eg. HSBC business banking, first direct, M&S Bank or HSBC in any other countries), who will provide you with information separately where required.

Some of the links on HSBC websites may lead to other HSBC or non- HSBC websites with their own privacy notices, which may be different to this notice. You’ll need to make sure you’re happy with their privacy notices when using those other sites.

Important information on our policy can be read here: