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Senior Corporate Executives

For corporate executives such as CEOs, CFOs and COOs, we recognise that time is often a precious commodity.

At HSBC Global Private Banking we have a successful approach to working with clients who hold senior leadership positions within corporate organisations.

Managing wealth effectively can sometimes fall by the wayside. We therefore understand the importance of providing our clients with efficient access to a multi-disciplinary team, which provides solutions built around the specific banking, investment and wealth planning needs of these individuals.

Wealth Planning and Protection

Planning is a core discipline. For example, you may not know whether you can maintain your current standard of living once you have stopped working; or you may not be clear how inheriting wealth may impact your family or other beneficiaries. A disciplined approach is needed to plan personal wealth and it is sometimes hard to determine what your goals are and how to reach them. Considering fundamental questions such as what drives you as an individual, your guiding principles, what you want for your family and your legacy can seem complicated. Understandably it’s all too easy to delay this planning. We will help you step back and consider matters from a personal standpoint, reflecting on what matters most to you and your family. We can develop personalised strategies, working with you to identify and formulate your goals.

A disciplined approach is needed to plan personal wealth and it is sometimes hard to determine what your goals are and how to reach them.

Banking Solutions

Aside from your investment and wealth planning objectives, you may also have a need for our banking services, which includes house mortgages, buy-to-let loans, foreign exchange, credit cards, time deposits and overdrafts. Where you have concentrated company stock positions as part of your overall wealth, we can design investment strategies aimed at gradually reducing risk over time. Where it’s right for you, your employer stock positions can often be used as collateral to provide a source of liquidity should you be unable or unwilling to divest your stock. 

Investment Services

Choosing the right investment strategy is time-consuming. It demands much research, the formulation of a strategy and the ability to execute it. Through HSBC Global Private Banking you have access to HSBC’s global investment capabilities, which include multi-asset and single asset solutions managed on a fully discretionary basis, as well as advisory services guided by investment professionals who are part of the Global Private Banking’s investment network. There are specialists on the ground in all of the key markets including Singapore, Hong Kong, Geneva, London and New York. This global reach means we have local insights into every market in which we invest.

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