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Specialised Asset Finance

Using your assets to raise finance opens up a multitude of options. Our experienced credit advisers can help you find the option that’s right for your wealth, family and objectives. We will coordinate and simplify what can often be complex transactions.

Specialised Asset Finance

From the traditional to the innovative, we offer a broad range of credit products and services and have the capabilities to provide financing against a wide range of assets. Our insights and expertise work across assets such as hedge funds, aircraft, fine art, life insurance policies, private equity and intellectual property.

Business and Private Jet

We provide competitive aircraft loans for personal and business jets. If you own an aircraft, you could leverage against it in the same way as you would other physical assets.

Commercial Real Estate​

As an HSBC Global Private Banking client, you have exclusive access to our commercial real estate lending programme. We offer comprehensive Commercial Real Estate solutions with competitive terms, pricing and repayment options for purchasing and refinancing structuring of:

  • Multi-family rental properties
  • Multi-tenant offices
  • Retail and warehouse properties
  • Mixed use multi-family/office/retail properties
We have capabilities to provide financing against a wide range of assets.

Fine Art

We can create art-secured loan programmes that are designed for your needs and give you the opportunity to unlock liquidity from your art collection. Our specialists help to facilitate transactions by using relevant research and tailored financing options.

Hedge Funds

As well as being an important part of a diversified investment portfolio, a hedge fund portfolio can be an eligible asset for investors seeking financing. We regularly provide financing to clients wanting to use their diversified hedge fund portfolio as collateral.

Intellectual Property

Our extensive global experience allows us to support interests in the music industry by monetising their underlying music copyrights and future royalty income. Proceeds can then be used to refinance existing debt, acquire new titles or catalogues, facilitate ownership transfers; or be set aside for working capital needs, investment purposes and tour financing.

Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance can be an essential estate and succession-planning tool. We know that for wealthy individuals and families, premiums on these policies can be costly. Our insurance premium financing lets our clients leverage the cash surrender value of their policies.

Private Equity

To support your specialised and individual needs, you can use private equity positions to provide liquidity and improve portfolio diversification. On a case-by-case basis, we can access liquidity against private equity positions.

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