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Estate administration

There are many challenges in looking after a significant financial estate, including the need to safeguard assets, manage debts and prevent conflicts of interest. We can help you find the best way to administer and distribute your wealth, during your lifetime and beyond.

Why appoint an HSBC Global Private Banking executor?


An executor’s role is likely to involve considerable work. For larger estates, which may be spread over multiple jurisdictions, the execution may well take many months or even years and require high levels of legal and professional expertise.

Professional executors will make sure that all assets are collected, all debts are appropriately settled and that the net assets are properly distributed after a person’s lifetime, in line with their will.

We can help you plan beyond your lifetime and ensure your wealth gets administered and distributed in the way you want.

If the next generation is still young, professional trustees can ensure the administration of the estate in the best interest of the child or children.

Appointing a professional executor can also avoid conflicts of interest, particularly between family members. It can help minimise confrontations among the beneficiaries of an estate, and provide the continuity that an individual executor cannot offer.

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