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Liquidity planning

Liquidity planning is an important component in wealth management and succession planning. We will help you to tailor solutions that can provide liquidity to enable you to protect and preserve your wealth to pass on to your family, and secure other benefits for your estate.

Well-designed liquidity planning solutions can enhance the effectiveness and flexibility of your legacy plan.

Working with our experts we can help you to develop a liquidity solution as part of your overall legacy transfer plan. This will help you:

  • Ensure sufficient savings for your retirement so you do not have worry about spending the assets you have reserved for your legacy plan
  • Ensure your wealth will not be substantially affected by potential estate charges
  • Protect your family when dealing with unforeseen events that may affect the value of the assets you plan to transfer
  • Even out the distribution of your wealth between family members to minimise conflict
We can help you plan beyond your lifetime and ensure your wealth gets administered and distributed in line with your requests.
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