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Healthcare Innovation - The Future of Healthcare

Market update

Healthcare Innovation - The Future of Healthcare

Jun 7, 2021

Leading edge scientific developments in areas such as biotech, delivery technologies, monitoring, automation and minimally invasive treatments are triggering a paradigm shift in the provision of healthcare services. Necessity is facilitating the rapid adoption of these innovative technologies that is also creating opportunities for investors.

  • COVID-19 pandemic has been a watershed moment for healthcare services and their relationship with the societies they serve.
  • The development and adoption of new technologies and innovations has been accelerated and the benefits of existing technologies are being rediscovered.
  • Vaccines, screening, sequencing and testing have come to prominence after years in the shadows.
  • Gene editing (CRISPR) and therapies are creating novel or improved treatment options for genetic diseases.
  • Micro-electronic devices including sensors, monitors, pumps and diagnostics facilitate continuous remote monitoring of patients with the roll-out of 5G enabling new services including as telemedicine and remote-medical procedures.

Why Now?

The last decade saw the rapid evolution of several ground breaking technologies including gene and immune based therapies, laser applications and automation, and these are now finding their way to practical applications in treatments regimens. In addition, innovation and new developments in existing technologies have led to new or expanded applications. These developments could not be more timely given the sharp rise in demands on limited healthcare resources.

The opportunity

We see real opportunities in businesses related to evolving healthcare technologies such as vaccines, scanning, screening, monitoring, diagnostics, biotechnology, automated laboratories and surgical tools. However, we remain cautious on some areas of healthcare, including healthcare related services and hospitals.

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