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How to find the right mortgage for you

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How to find the right mortgage for you

Feb 5, 2018

Finding the right mortgage solution for your unique needs isn’t always easy. Sometimes, it requires the kind of expert understanding that only private banking offers.


Real estate has long been seen as a sound investment for many buyers. But people invest in property for many different reasons. Whether it’s a new home, a holiday house in France or a flat in the city, property tends to be a person’s most valuable asset. But very few properties are paid for using cash outright. That’s why many people, no matter their level of wealth, turn to mortgage solutions.

Why should you consider a mortgage?

Mortgages can help you extend your wealth beyond your disposable liquid income, allowing you to consider a greater range of property options. With global interest rates remaining low, borrowing is considered one of the most sensible ways to finance a property purchase. For example, withdrawing money from your business when it is delivering strong growth is far less efficient than taking on a low-cost mortgage.

But for some, the mortgage advice and products available from high street banks are unsuitable. Instead, a more bespoke solution is needed – one that takes into account a particular financial situation.

A holistic approach

When you enter a standard mortgage agreement with a high street bank, you can typically borrow up to a prescribed multiple of your annual income with the bank setting out a strict repayment plan.

The private banking proposition is different.

Instead, your mortgage structure and repayment schedule can be tailored to fit your wider financial portfolio, and developed to align with your investment strategy.

There’s an important element of flexibility when a holistic view of your wealth is taken into account. For instance, if you have a five-year investment strategy then your mortgage repayments can be structured to reflect that timescale. This holistic approach to your mortgage allows you to receive a bespoke financial structure that goes beyond traditional, off-the-shelf products.

Mortgages can help you extend your wealth beyond your disposable liquid income, allowing you to consider a greater range of property options.

A global viewpoint

Getting the right mortgage extends beyond repayments, though. If your income is predominantly received in US dollars, for example, having a bank that allows you to borrow in US dollars can help you avoid exchange rate costs. Maybe you’re looking at buying in New York and need a bank that has a local market expert on hand to share their insight and expertise?

Leaning on global knowledge and an international network, your Private Banking Credit Advisors, Relationship Managers and Investment Counsellors work to co-ordinate across your portfolio. Every one of your lending parameters, including terms, location and currency, will be optimised to provide the best solutions for you.

To find out how the HSBC Private Banking team can offer you the best possible outcome for your mortgage, contact your Relationship Manager today.

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