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Protecting what’s important: Estate planning strategies

Estate planning
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Estate planning

Protecting what’s important: Estate planning strategies

Apr 28, 2022

In this two-part special in our ‘Protecting What’s Important’ series, experts from our Wealth Planning and Advisory team – Managing Director Karina Challons and Director Paul Bradshaw – map out key estate planning strategies. Listen as they explore where to start when beginning your strategy, how to ensure the estate passes in the way you desire (especially in cases of unexpected death) and lifetime planning.

Estate planning strategies: Part 1 Watch the video: Estate planning strategies: Part 1
In Part 1, Karina and Paul focus on the best starting position from which to begin an estate planning strategy. They explore the various options available to clients before moving on to discuss asset protection and control, putting your estate into trust and inheritance tax planning.
Estate planning strategies: Part 2 Watch the video: Estate planning strategies: Part 2
In Part 2, Paul and Karina’s conversation moves to lifetime strategies, including gifting and asset conversion. They also explore the position for clients who are UK resident but non-domiciled, and those who are not yet deemed domiciled. Most importantly, they recommend that clients think about their vision for their wealth and future generations, as well as their own current and future financial needs.

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