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Philanthropy in action: Bringing positive energy and making a long-lasting impact in the community

Social Impact

Philanthropy in action: Bringing positive energy and making a long-lasting impact in the community

Jan 26, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened uncertainty over the global economy, job markets, finances and relationships. As we adjust to the new world, it is important that we look after not just our physical, but also our mental health.

As a community bank in Hong Kong, HSBC Private Banking partnered with Asian Charity Services (ACS), a non-governmental organisation (NGO), to initiate ‘Mind matters – A Hackathon for Social Impact’, aiming to re-energise Hong Kong and support the community’s recovery by strengthening the mental wellbeing of the local community and addressing mental health needs. 

“Recently, financial hardship combined with social distancing measures have led people withdrawing from social life, causing a heightened level of stress and anxiety,” explained Cynthia Lee, Regional Head of Wealth Planning & Advisory, Asia Pacific. “To counter this, our long-established relationship with ACS has helped bring NGOs and our forward-thinking clients together as we all look to help the most vulnerable, build resilience in our society, and accelerate Hong Kong’s road to recovery by making positive changes.”

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Empowering NGOs and multiple generations to address social issues in innovative ways

This programme brought together NGOs, next generation of business leaders, HSBC colleagues and volunteers from different business sectors to refine project plans to address mental health needs in the community. The NGOs will then pitch these projects for funding to the panel of judges and experienced philanthropists.

Ideas presented ranged from counselling, music therapy, sports, to financial classes and technology solutions supporting a range of individuals, from elderly to children, ethnic minorities and communities with less resources. Through a tiered judging process, five NGOs received two-year funding to implement their programmes.

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Lasting impact – thoughts from our volunteer and the winning NGO… 

SLCO Community Resources is one of the winning NGOs whose project focuses on giving counselling services to the hearing-impaired community. “Deafness cuts people off from each other, but love recognises no barriers,” said Chris Yiu, Director of SLCO Community Resources Limited. “Our heartfelt gratitude to HSBC Private Banking and our three wonderful volunteers for bringing us an insightful experience through Mind Matters, and creating such an impactful journey that strengthens our little hands and recharge our serving hearts for the Deaf Community.” 

As we adjust to the new world, it is important that we look after not just our physical, but also our mental health.

Jackie Mau, Regional Head of Ultra High Net Worth, Private Banking, Asia-Pacific, volunteered at the Mind Matters Hackathon and found the experience truly valuable: “Even though the hackathon was conducted virtually, the passion, thoughts and dedication behind the campaign made it a rewarding journey for everyone. The come-togetherness for a good cause brings our community closer, and I feel fulfilled for participating in such a meaningful event.”

Giving back creates positive change for your families, businesses and communities that you serve. 

For over 75 years in Asia, we have been using our heritage, networks and expertise to help forward-thinking individuals and families to pursue social causes that are important to them. We are here to support your philanthropic vision and help you make a real and lasting impact now and into the future.

To find out more how we can support you and your families, please contact us or your Relationship Manager.

Mind Matters: A Hackathon for Social Impact Watch the video: Mind Matters: A Hackathon for Social Impact
Giving back creates positive change for families, businesses and communities that we serve. In partnership with Asian Charity Services, HSBC Private Banking initiated ‘Mind Matters: A Hackathon for Social Impact’ to connect like-minded individuals and families with new networks and new ideas to help the most vulnerable in the community.

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